When a cow eats up a plastic bag.

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

"Cow is the source of progress and prosperity. In many ways, it is superior to one's mother." - Mahatma Gandhi

No, this is not just another piece of writing portraing the importance of cows for any personal or political agenda. As a citizen of a country where cow is synonymous to god, i was shocked to know about the thousands of deaths which occur due to cows feeding on plastic. I feel it is important for us to understand the mechanism of a cow's tummy once they consume plastic and how they die a painful death.

Cows are 'Ruminants' i.e, those mammals that brings up food from its stomach and chews it again when they get free time before sending it back to the stomach. That is why cows keep chewing something (cud) just like sheeps and deers. Interesting fact : Where humans have one, cows have four stomachs, rather a stomach divided into four chambers.

When a cow eats plastic, it gets into the stomach and remains there most of the times. Over a period of time, the plastic gets accumulated and can lead to blockage of the stomach. A blocked stomach in a cow is a very dangerous thing. During blockage, cows feel like their stomach is full but actually it is full of plastic and they stop consuming food. The cows stomach contains bacteria which helps it to digest the food and the bacteria produces a lot of gas. The movement of the stomach makes the gas to move out. Once the stomach is blocked, this movement is affected and the gas accumulates in the stomach. This results to a badly bloated stomach leading to a slow, painful and agonising death.

Isn't it ironical that the same people who join hands on spotting a cow are indirectly the reason for their deaths. Plastic bags are harmful and i do not have to write about it. Humans are fine as long as it is not effecting them. But, what if i say that the dairy products which we and our families consume on a daily basis are infected? What else can we expecting from an unheathy cow!

A common sight in India

We are no one to insist you to stop using plastic bags as we have been using plastics forever and i understand that a lot of people know that plastic is not a good thing, however, changing that behaviour is very difficult for one man and one enterprise to do. But, atleast we can use these "weapons of mass destruction" cautiously and not litter the streets by simply throwing away. Plastic has no expiry date. Let's become responsible.

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