Edible Water bottles! The future of drinking?

“Don’t recycle water bottles, eat them instead.” – Wired.

Modern technology, research and startups never fail to astonish us. Enter “Ooho” spheres created by startup ‘Skipping Rocks Lab’ that are created by dipping frozen balls of liquid into an algae mixture that forms a membrane around the ice. The ice melts into liquid water and membrane, which is edible and biodegradable, forms a watertight seal around it. To consume the liquid you can either bite into the tasteless membrane and sip it out or just eat the entire ball, membrane and all.

Ooho! by Skipping Rocks Labs.

This invention is the perfect solution for single serving beverages without creating a plastic menace at music festivals, marathons, street gatherings and other outdoor events as they rightly have the goal of becoming “the global solution to water and drinks on-the-go”.

The outer membrane has no natural taste, but it can be flavored or colored to meet specific requirements, also, any liquid can be put inside an Ooho! - fresh juices, sauces, condiments, energy and soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits and even cosmetics, as per the startup. To enjoy Ooho!, all you need to do is peel the thicker outer layer like a fruit and pop it in your mouth. But you can also bite a hole in it, and drink the water without eating the seaweed-based capsule.

Usual plastic menace at athletic events.

The edible water bottle is one of the smartest and cheaper eco-friendly alternatives to plastic ever invented. And, from both a business and consumer's perspective, it has everything to be a massive hit in the decades to come.

"The top three reasons we used seaweed for making Ooho! is that seaweed is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, it naturally biodegrades quickly and because, unlike polylactic acid (PLA) and other corn-based plastics, seaweed doesn't compete with food crops," underlines Skipping Rocks Lab.

“We make packaging disappear” as they say but unlike bottles, single-gulp water or edible water blob is not something most of us would find convenient to use on a daily basis. As demonstrated in their website showcasing Ooho being drunk, the membrane is pretty delicate, and certainly not something you’d toss in a bag or backpack on its own. And because the membrane is edible, if Skipping Rocks envisions Ooho being sold at grocery stores it will mean selling it within some kind of other external packaging, partially negating its “packaging free” mission. There always are some advantages and disadvantages that follows every invention but guys at ‘Skipping Rocks Lab’ have created a wonderful product to combat the single use plastic menace.

Website link: http://skippingrockslab.com/index.html

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