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Our 'About Us' page would like to thank you from the bottom of its heart for visiting as it does not get a lot of attention usually. The fact that you voluntarily decided to come here means a lot. Honestly. *sniff sniff*

Why we're called
'Green Crayon' ?

As per a 2009 study, it was found that the green bags was used 52 times (weekly for a year) when compared to a plastic bag which was used for just 12 minutes, so that's 12 minute of carrying your groceries and after thats it's tossed away to remain in the atmosphere harming other beings for milleniums! i.e, your great great great great and even more great grand children will live in a plastic world and we the culprits are laying the foundation for the same.

Here at Green Crayon, we as a community are trying to do our part by colouring the world green, inch by inch using crayons in the light of awareness campaigns, sowing seed campaigns, promoting sustainable bags and with our aim to spread 'environment literacy' we write a blog to discuss and educate ourselves about environmental issues. It would be exciting if you hop along on this wonderful journey of ours and sread infinite love, not just merely talking, but by doing.

Meet The Team

Purnima Dash

Boss lady, keeps the workshop in order

Bhagwan Oli
(Cutting master)

Old at age, young at heart. A true prankster, doesn't brace anybody.

Liyakat S.K.
(Head Printer)

A walking paint box. Always at bluetooth distance with paints.

Nurool K.

Most disciplined of the lot. Secret ingredient, black tea at noon and two evening Roshogollas.

Gopal Kothari
(Chief Happiness Officer)

Marketing and Bhujia turns him on.

Harsh Mundhra
(Chief Happiness Officer)

Product development and lame jokes zones him out!

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At Green Crayon, we make stuff which makes the planet happy. We're fond of fabrics with a soul. Fabrics, good for you and for the planet. Hop along on this journey!